Noble Foundation Safety Day

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The Noble Foundation had their first Agriculture Safety Day on Saturday. Children aged six to 13 years old learned that life on the farm is fun but can also expose themselves to dangers they're probably not aware of.

Wide open pastures and fresh air, sounds like life in the country is becoming more appealing to those who live in the suburbs that want to just get away. Robert William with the Noble Foundation says, "There’s a lot more people that are coming from urban areas moving out to more rural locations."

That’s why folks from the Noble Foundation are offering some safety tips for life on the farm. Teaching kids that power lines are a hazard when trimming a tree or even digging because of underground cables.

"Some of the voltage running through lines range into the 12-17, that’s 17,000 thousand in volts and very dangerous."

According to the National Safety Council, in 2006 agricultural jobs were listed as the most dangerous. “In average about 20,000 accidents each year in agriculture involve youth."

With children seeing a tractor more as a giant go kart, safety experts told them otherwise. And when parents are riding they should stay away. "We taught them what to do when their parents are on a tractor how far they should stay from a tractor the different points where their parents could see them approaching a tractor."

William reminds us not forget about the herbicides and pesticides, and what to do when we're around them.

“Show the kids proper hygiene with chemical gloves with personal protection equipment gloves glasses and reading labels and knowing what to stay away from."

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