Johnston Co. hosts Boy Scouts from across southwest U.S.

JOHNSTON COUNTY - Boy Scouts from all over the Southwest are kicking off their summer vacation by hitting the Arubckle Mountains, and at the same time, learning some life-long skills.

Hard work and survival in the Arbuckle Mountains is not a typical vacation, but for 90 Boy Scouts, they're excited to face 2,000 acres of challenging terrain.

"I don't believe the kids of today have really had the opportunity to get to the outdoors," one official said. "They're too tied to their Nintendos and games like that and we don't have that out here."

Scoutmasters at Camp Simpson said they want to instill confidence in the Scouts, and challenge them to accomplish tasks they never thought were possible.

"My goal for them is to get them to accomplish things they couldn't do, any other way through Scouting. Some of them won't go up the climbing tower. They will think it's impossible. By the end of the week, they have done it, it's behind them."

Scouts will attend the camp all week.

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