Closing Arguments In Nichols Defense

5-25-04 - (McAlester-AP) Attorneys for Terry Nichols are reminding jurors of witnesses who say they saw other men with Timothy McVeigh in the days before the Oklahoma City bombing.
The defense is making its closing argument today in Nichols'
murder trial in McAlester. Attorney Brian Hermanson told the jury dozens of witnesses saw McVeigh with other people, including a man known only as John Doe Number Two.
And defense attorney Barbara Bergman criticized an F-B-I
fingerprint examiner who admitted he was wrong when he said
Nichols' palm prints were on a map of downtown Oklahoma City found
in Nichols' trash.
The defense says McVeigh had other conspirators in the 1995
bombing and set up Nichols to take the blame. Nichols faces 161 state murder charges and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.