Cold showers

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SHERMAN -- An all bills paid apartment complex in Sherman is without some essential utilities. Residents say they've already paid their bills, and they want answers from the person they say is to blame.

Monterrey is an all-bills-paid apartment complex, but residents say on Thursday the gas was turned off in all 30 units-- even though they say they've paid their rent.

The apartment manager, who didn't want to speak on camera, says the owner of the complex lives in California, and is supposed to pay the bills.

Residents are concerned other utilities like water and electricity will be the next to go.

"The A/C don't work half the time last summer the A/C didn't work, this summer it's the same thing and now the gas is turned and don't know what's going to happen next if it's going to be the water or the electric," said Gloria Linton, an apartment resident.

We tried to contact the complex owner in California, but her information was not available.

The phone line to the manager's office was also shut off, because the bill wasn't paid.

The manager told KXII Monday night she spoke with the owner who said the gas would be turned on Tuesday morning, but would not give us a number to check the progress.

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