Security Chief: No Need to Raise Alert Status

05-26-04 - (Washington-AP) The nation's Homeland Security chief says there's no need to raise the nation's alert status, despite new information on a terror threat against the US.

Tom Ridge says there is no consensus within the Bush administration that the threat level should be increased. It's now at yellow, the midpoint on the five-color scale.

Ridge says the government is operating under the notion that terror cells have slipped into the US or are on their way. He says this summer's high-profile events, starting with this Saturdays dedication of the World War Two Memorial in Washington will have additional high profile security. Also this summer, both major political parties are holding conventions. The Democrats will be in Boston in July, and the Republicans in August in New York.

Officials say terrorists might try to use a chemical, biological or radiological weapon, which could inflict more damage than a conventional bomb.

Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI head Robert Mueller will discuss the terror threat at a news conference later today.