Bus hijacking training in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the State Department of Education teamed up Tuesday morning to make sure school bus drivers are prepared in case of a bus hijacking.

The OHP S.W.A.T. team staged a real-life hostage situation in the parking lot of the Ardmore Convention Center with Ardmore kids on board. An armed man took the bus hostage and threatened to shoot.

Negotiators tried to coax him out, but he gave them an ultimatum and then opened fire.

That's when S.W.A.T. team members fired back, killing the suspect and freeing the students.

Although Oklahoma has never experienced a crime of this kind, officials want to be ready.

The scenario today was part of the State Association of Public Transportation Convention taking place at the Ardmore Convention Center.

Again, this was just a scenario to see how they would react. This was not a real situation.

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