A video game that fights cancer?

Can video game technology help save the lives of young cancer patients? A non-profit group says it can.

An innovative new game called "Remission" is helping change the lives of young cancer patients.

The concept of the game consists of players controlling a nanobot named "Roxy," whose primary purpose is to combat cancer.

Dr. Brad Pollock of San Antonio's UT Health Science Center helped conceive the game.

What's the mission of remission?

"To teach them about the biology of their cancer, to teach them about how treatment actually works, and also to teach them some concepts in helping them manage their side effects," says Pollock, a UTHSC epidemiologist.

Early testing of the game showed it actually made the young cancer patients who played it more likely to take their medicine and stick with their therapy.

"Remission," the video game, is free to cancer patients.

Others can order it for a contribution to the non-profit foundation that produced it.

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