Sherman hosts international dignitaries

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SHERMAN -- Fifteen dignitaries from thirteen western European countries were in Texoma on Tuesday to take in the sites and learn a little something in the process.

The group has been traveling the United States, and this week north Texas was on display to the rest of the world.

The purpose of the trip is to learn about different advances in biotechnology and the beef cattle production and processing industries, and what better place to do that than in north Texas.

The group is comprised of agriculture professionals from the United Kingdom, France, Poland, and everywhere in between.

Their first stop in north Texas was in Muenster, where the 15 representatives toured a beef processing plant.

On Tuesday morning the group toured the Tyson Foods plant in Sherman and the viticulture center at the Grayson County College.

But their trip was not all work.

The dignitaries took in the sites as well by visiting Austin College and some local western stores like Kemper's on Texoma Parkway.

The group was treated to a Texas meal at the home of Sherman Chamber president Traci Norton on Tuesday night.

Norton, pictured, says that an opportunity like this doesn’t come every day and adds the best of Sherman was on display today.

"It’s just a learning experience from them, but in turn, we get tourism dollars and we get that regional contact with them, and they’re making a regional contact with us."

From Sherman, the group will split up and go to different parts of the country including Montana and Iowa and hope to put everything they've learned to good use when they go back home.