Peeping Tom

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BONHMAN, Tex. -- A local mother is up in arms after she claims she was a victim to a “peeping tom.” Police say they've arrested the man they think is responsible and the victim speaks out about her experience as a warning to other parents.

The victim says the suspect, who's name is not being released, has been a friend of her family for years.

She was shocked when he told her he secretly video taped her and her three children while they were taking a bath.

Betty Fine said it seemed like an innocent favor. A few months ago a longtime family friend offered to let her and her three small children bathe in his home because their hot water was out.

Months later she learned the unthinkable happened while they were taking a bath.

"He gave me a hug and told me he loved me as a friend and I was like, "OK." “And then he said I have something to tell you and I was like, "what?" and then he goes, 'I filmed you on tape,'" Fine said.

Fine showed her boyfriend the tape, which she says contains pornographic material, before and after the footage of the kids taking a bath with their mother. Her boyfriend later found a hidden camera installed in the bathroom.

"When I saw my babies on there I just broke to the floor and started crying and then it bothered me that I was on there, but it bothered me more that my kids were on there. They're my world."

The man used to take her 2-year-old to the store to buy candy and her daughter Destiny asks where he is, but she keeps him away from her family, and wants to tell her story to warn other parents.

"Be careful who you trust because you never know your friends could turn out to be somebody you don't even know, like he turned out to be, somebody we didn't even know in the end."

Bonham police arrested a 31-year-old man they say is connected to the case, and plan to charge him with improper photography or visual recording on Tuesday. The charges are a felony.

Authorities say he's scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday morning.

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