High water, high demand: Sherman's Splash Park

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SHERMAN -- It's been open less than a month, but the warm weather and new amenities at Sherman's old Fairview Pool attract hundreds of people everyday. But if you're planning a trip to the new Splash water park, beware. You may want to allow some extra time.

There's a big chance a line may greet you at the entrance. Some say the wait is well worth the dip in the area's newest attraction.

A line of cars in the parking lot says it all. Fairview Park is packed most days. There may not be many kids playing on the playground though. While the slides across the lot are empty, the kids are lining up and waiting their turn on the water slides.

The wait could be as much as 10 minutes for some, but according to lead lifeguard Keith Burnett, you should arrive early because the place fills up fast.

"We've reached our max (capacity) pretty much everyday. We're crowded from open to close," Burnett said

Once the park reaches its capacity 375 people, others will have to wait for someone to leave before they can enter.

"It's just the capacity they think will be too much for the lifeguards to handle. That's the number they came up with and we enforce it," Burnett said.

Sherman Parks & Recreation officials say they've doubled the number of lifeguards as an added measure to keep kids safe. 10-year-old Ty Watson doesn't seem to mind the wait.

"It's worth it. You (have) two awesome slides, a diving board, you (have) a little place for the children like the small ones," Watson said.

Around 900 people are expected to pass through the gate every day. Parks officials say they look for that trend to continue well into those hot summer months.

The park's hours are:

12pm to 8pm Monday through Friday
10am to 6pm Saturday
1pm to 6pm Sundays

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