Lone Grove schools to install cameras

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LONE GROVE, Okla. -- School administrators in Lone Grove are trying out some new security measures on its campuses even though classes aren't set to begin for a few more months.

They're using the summer vacation to make the changes.

Even though Lone Grove school administrators haven't had any major issues with safety, they say its better safe than sorry.

Administrators are installing cameras in several places around campus. Officials say they hope the cameras will be a crime deterrent, especially when no one is present to monitor school grounds.

The plan is to install 45 security cameras inside the high school and middle school and in places surrounding the schools.

Lone Grove Principal Russell Noland says an anonymous donor gave the school about $57,000 to pay for the cameras.

"Parents expect their kids to be safe. I think anything that’s going to keep their kids safe and keep an extra pair of eyes out, they are going to be behind that."

More than a dozen are expected to be installed at the high school while another 16 will be placed at the middle school.

The installation is set to begin in July and should take about two weeks to complete.

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