Couple charged with capital murder of 70-year-old Gainesville man

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COOKE COUNTY, Tex. -- Authorities in Gainesville made two arrests Wednesday night in the case of Charlie Skinner. Skinner, 70, was found dead on the side of a county road on Saturday morning.

Cooke County Sheriff Mike Compton says cases like this are always the hardest types of cases to solve.

He says he‘s proud of investigators and how quickly they found those responsible.

Cooke County Sheriff's investigators arrested Wendell Cravens and his wife, Ginger Cravens, after they confessed to shooting and killing 70-year-old Charlie Skinner.

Cooke County officials say they found the body on County Road 133 just north of Gainesville.

After family members had identified the victim, Sheriff Compton says investigators began to question those close to the Gainesville resident, trying to find out who had seen him last.

That’s when they came in contact with the Cravens.

Because of the on-going investigation, officials say they cannot release a detailed reason for the killing.

But Sheriff Compton says robbery was a possible motive.

"We investigated through a series of questions and answers, and investigations and numerous witnesses around the area. It’s like I said before, they did it the old fashioned way."

Investigators believe both Wendell and Ginger Cravens knew Skinner.

They're being held without bond in the Cooke County Jail. Both are charged with capital murder.

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