Apartment tenants still without gas

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SHERMAN -- First News has an update on a story we first told you about on Monday. Residents at the Monterrey Apartment Complex on Crockett Street in Sherman haven't had gas for over a week.

It's been seven days without hot water or gas, and residents at the Monterrey Apartment Complex are furious. They were told on Monday the problem would be taken care of, but that hasn't been the case.

We tried to contact the on-site manager. She was not on the property and her phone has been disconnected. So we talked with residents who say this is a problem.

Tenant Mark Buckner says, “This is frustrating.”

Renters say the owner of the complex lives in California and is supposed to pay the bills but hasn’t. So residents are heating water on the stove just to have a hot bath. Now, they're afraid the water bill hasn't been paid either.

We called the Texoma Council of Governments. They were not available for an on air interview, but say :

"Texoma Council of Governments is aware of the situation at the Monterrey Apartments. We have taken steps with the landlord and property manager to resolve the problem. All of our clients will not suffer repercussions, you simply need to contact the Texoma Council of Governments to fill out paperwork and we will be happy to move you. But you do need to uphold responsibilities to the apartment complex, and we will work quickly to get you relocated."

TCOG also says they have been in contact with another manager at the apartment complex trying to get some answers as well.

The owner is aware of the situation and says they are doing their best to take care of this problem.

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