Tick warning

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. --Thanks to the recent wet weather, Texomans have already seen an increase in mosquitoes. Now officials are warning residents to look out for an eight-legged pest.

In the past few years southern Oklahoma has seen its fair share of drought and wildfire but thanks to recent rains things are looking a little bit greener, which means a threat for more ticks.

Tick population increases as our surroundings become wet

"They will just be out there on tips of leaves and just get on your pants," says Lake Murray Park naturalist Mark Teders.

"As the human population grows,so do dogs and cats…their numbers grow as those populations grow. It gives more individuals the ticks need."

Lyme disease is a risk, as well as an illness known as Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Experts say to keep them away use repellant before stepping outside and wear light-colored clothes to spot ticks more easily on your body.

"The best insect repellent is deet. You can get it anywhere from seven percent to 100 percent solution."

If you find out that you have been bitten, health experts say if you feel a little woosy go and see a doctor.

"I use maybe some tissue. If I don’t have that I use my thumb and forefinger, I grab the tick firmly and pull it straight out."

So if you’re going to enjoy the outdoors be sure to use repellent with deet, check yourself for ticks at all times, and enjoy your summer.

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