Near blizzard conditions close I-35 in Oklahoma

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CARTER COUNTY, OK -- Near white-out conditions in Ardmore tonight which has made for dangerous driving conditions. Several interstates, highways, and roads are now closed, including Interstate 35.

Thursday's weather has been a steady downhill plunge all day long turning the freeways and roads into the last place you want be.

The worse blizzard conditions seen in years hit Ardmore around lunch time today. Since then, local officials have been unable to keep up with the number of weather related accidents.

"We have responded to probably thirty or forty crashes but most of them have been vehicles running off the road," Trooper Don Westbrook of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said.

Those crashes involve anything from slipping off the road to other serious accidents like one at Holiday Drive and Broadway. Fortunately, injuries in both accidents were not severe.

Trooper Westbrook says your best bet tonight is to stay off the roads.

"They can walk outside they don't have to call the highway patrol and ask what the road conditions are they walk outside and see what the roads are like and we pray that they stay home and have a merry Christmas."

Most of the stores in Ardmore were packed this afternoon with people that decided to try and stock up on supplies before conditions got any worse.

"It's starting to get slick, and the slick roads are scary. I lost my niece four years ago on this, so it gets scary and it gets really dangerous so I hope people get in and stay in," shopper Sandy Rowley says.

Conditions have grown so bad that many sections of the major roadways in and out of town have been shut down.