String of burglaries in Denison

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DENISON -- Summer means vacation time for many, but some people in Denison have returned to an unpleasant surprise.

One man has been arrested in connection with a string of burglaries in the city, and police say there may be more suspects.

Denison police say they've seen more than a dozen home burglaries in the past month. One of the reasons for the increase could be that during the summer many people take off on vacation and don't take the precautions to keep their home secure.

Police have recovered thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and electronics stolen during some of the burglaries, but they say they're looking for even more stolen property and the thieves who are responsible.

Authorities say they haven't made any arrests, but they do have a few suspects. There could be even more since some of the thefts happened when the homeowners were out of town.

Police are urging residents to make sure their homes are secure.

"We want to encourage people to lock their doors, keep a light on, and talk to your neighbors, let them know when you're going to be gone somewhere." said Lt. Mike Eppler of the Denison Police Department.

Eppler would not release the name of the man who's been arrested, but did say the man is facing charges on 19 counts of burglary.

He says other people may also be involved.

Investigators say they are following up on any leads in these cases.

If you have any information, call your local police.

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