The Backyard Buzz...Killer Bees?

5-30-04- A Fannin County family is recovering Sunday after one of their family dogs was killed by a swarm of bees. A local bee keeper says the attack is serious and could be a sign that killer bees are in the area.

Pet owner Danny Cook says he was giving his dogs, Bo and Chip, a flea bath in his Trenton backyard Sunday morning. Suddenly, a swarm of bees from a hive in a nearby tree attacked. Mr. Cook rushed to get his pets inside, but it was too late for Chip, a large, mixed breed. He was stung nearly 2,000 times and killed.

The Cook family called bee keeper, William Bradfield, who says the bees were extremely aggressive. He believes they are Africanized bees and says they are very dangerous. In large numbers, they can be deadly to both animals and people.

The bee keeper took care of the swarm by spraying foam on the hive.
He says the bees from today's attack will be sent to a lab for testing to determine if they are killer bees.