Elderly woman and young girl dead, family missing in Gainesville

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COOKE COUNTY, Tex -- With people literally clinging to roof-tops and trees, the search continues for a family that went missing in the waters.

So far a five-year-old girl, and her grandmother have been confirmed dead. Now nearly 70 different agencies are out to make sure everyone is accounted for after Monday morning's record high waters.

Elm Creek reached record high crest Monday morning-- higher than the flood of 1981.

On Monday afternoon crews divided the city into quadrants and are knocking on each door asking residents about any damage and to see if anyone is missing.

Gainesville officials say about 450 people have been displaced.

Cooke County deputies and Gainesville police are in rescue mode and say if anyone thinks a person is missing or if they know of anyone who is missing to call 9-1-1.

"We have 69 different cities that have sent volunteers with boats. The department of public safety sent a helicopter, and those 69 cities and our city are going door to door to do rescues...knocking on doors...looking for citizens," says Gainesville city judge Chris Cypert

The city has set up two shelters, one at the Civic Center and the other at Whaley United Methodist Church.

About 30 pastors and counselors are standing by.

If you would like to help out the flood victims in Cooke County, the American Red Cross is taking donations at 1608 West Highway 82 in Gainesville. You can reach them at 940-665-5591. They will be providing food for all volunteers and victims on Saturday.

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