Nursing homes evacuated

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SHERMAN -- Some Sherman nursing homes were forced to evacuate Monday morning due to high waters.

Around 11 o’clock, dump trucks were the only vehicles able to wade through the flooded streets to rescue residents.

Residents of those nursing homes were then transported by school bus to another location.

We're told Mission Oaks Nursing Home sent their residents to Wilson N. Jones Hospital, and Sherman Health Center sent their residents to Fairview Baptist Church.

Sherman Health Center administrator Jennifer Parrish says her main concern is not the building, but those who lived there.

"Whenever I greeted them at Fairview Baptist Church, I made sure they saw smiling faces. We were going to make an adventure out of it. Even though it's not one we choose, we are going to make fun out of it,” said Parrish.

No word yet on when the residents at either nursing home will be able to return to their homes.

If you want to check on a loved one at Mission Oaks, you can call 512-809-4716.