Grayson County in a state of disaster

SHERMAN - After an extensive helicopter ride over Grayson County with assessors from the state of Texas, County Judge Drue Bynum said it was "beyond the county's ability to respond and recover" from the physical and financial damage from Monday morning's rains.

The judge made the declaration Monday evening, though much of the flood waters have receded in Grayson County. There are still 16 county roads that are closed because of flooding, and countless houses that are damaged.

Officials estimate between 300 and 400 people are evacuated from their homes. Many of those are Sherman residents who were in apartments that flooded, and residents of the Mission Oaks nursing home.

Bynum said getting those residents back to their homes is their main priority.

"You know if you get displaced, folks just want to go home and before we allow that, or give permission to do that, they need to get there, and when they do get there, the need to have something to go back to, " he said.

City of Sherman Mayor Bill Magers says the city is in the cleanup stages.

"We're trying to see where the damages are by working with the country and the state of emergency that's been declared, so we can get reimbursed," he said. "I don't want to talk about money at a time like this, but this is a big, expensive thing."

By declaring a state of disaster, the county is now eligible for money from the state of Texas.

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