Grayson Co. assesses flood damages

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- Governor Rick Perry has declared a state of emergency for Grayson County as well as Cooke County, but Grayson officials say they won't know how much disaster assistance they will receive from the state until all the damage in Grayson County is reported.

The cleanup started Tuesday in Grayson County. Many families in Sherman began the long process of sorting through their water-drenched belongings, looking for anything salvageable.

Losses lined the streets of one neighborhood off Lamar like ruined carpets ripped from homes. Dressers and other furniture were sitting on the curb.

Benton Thomas, a single father of two, woke up yesterday morning, opened his front door, and watched the water rush in.

"Then it started coming in too fast. I woke my girls up, got some clothes, and we were getting out stuff, and it just rushed in when we opened the door," said Thomas.

Many of these residents have lost everything they own. But even while cleaning mud and sewage from their homes, they say material things can be replaced, and they are thankful to be alive.

Grayson County officials are meeting Tuesday to decide the next step to recover from the flood of 2007.

They say they need your help.

Click here for specific instructions or call 903-813-4248 on what to do if you have flood damage in Grayson County.

You can report damage to your home, your property or even roads or bridges. On the county website you can fill out a disaster sheet.

County officials will be evaluating the cost of the flood over the next few days.

The sooner they have an estimate, they hope, the sooner they can get state and federal assistance.

Looking for more? Try our Flood Relief Contact Info page

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