Amazing rescue makes national news

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TOM BEAN, Tex. -- Several Sherman firefighters are now in the national spotlight for risking their lives to rescue two men in Tom Bean. Ryan Loyd met them and brings us their heroic story.

This is the rescue that made national news: a team of Sherman fire fighters grabbing hold of two Tom Bean men caught up in the flood waters of Texoma.

One of those men was Brandon Beck, a volunteer firefighter who became a victim himself after trying to save a man on the brink of being swept away.

"I went to get victim and that's when things went bad," said Beck.

The crew that saved him had just five of its twelve-member team. The team’s biggest day came a few short years after they got together for missions just like this.

The terrible North Texas rains and its aftermath popped up on TV screens across the country.

Even the day after, the talk of the town, are these men who risked it all to save two thankful men.

Beck and the other victim held on for dear life for at least two hours.

During that time, beck even lost his wedding ring, a sentimental reminder of his 12-year marriage that can never be replaced.

But giving the perspective of what could have happened, that's a small loss compared to a big gain -- life.

This band of brothers knows that life moves on, and they also know that they have each other's support in case anything like this ever happens again.

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