Getting through it in Gainesville

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COOKE COUNTY, Tex. -- Residents in Gainesville continue to clean-up after this week's floods, and some are receiving the help of companies from the outside.

The Antioch New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Gainesville has been serving the community for a hundred years. Now thanks to the efforts from a restoration company out of Dallas, they are getting through the devastation to begin another hundred years of service.

"This is what we were met with, there was about two and half feet of water in here," says Gainesville resident Laverne Harrison.

Harrison has been coming to the Antioch Church her whole life and says this is by far the most damage she has seen to her second home.

"We’re devastated, because we just celebrated our 100th anniversary, things are supposed to be good and then we have this."

Harrison says it isn't the first time water has entered the church but it is the first time water flooded out the sanctuary.

"The water came through the door here and flooded out this area and this whole thing will have to be redone."

But to do that, the church would have to raise upwards of $15,000 because they don't have flood insurance.

That’s when All Star Restoration came into the picture.

"We actually made it out Monday night, Tuesday morning and started scanning the area and this is where we parked."

Rodney Marshall and his company specialize in restoring churches after natural disasters. They have repaired structures destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and now they are focusing on North Texas, which means a little more to them as they are based in south Dallas.

"We didn't want to take a chance on leaving a church to suffer in the elements. Their mission is to help the community and we wanted to help them continue to do that," says Marshall.

All Star Restoration is donating all their services free of charge, including large dryers and dehumidifiers.

Marshall says it’s the least they can do but it is no small favor for members of the church.

"If you can make a difference in someone’s life, then that right there is worth its weight."

All Star Restoration is also helping families clean out their homes in the area, and church members hope to have service in their building again soon.

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