Soldier tells of positive experience

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You could hear Luke Jessup's welcome home before you even saw him coming.
"We're proud of him."

Hundreds of well-wishers gathered along the roadside to welcome home one of their own--a Lone Grove man with a heart for serving others, and a fresh perspective about the war in Iraq.

"Besides the army and stuff you go out and hand bubble gum to the kids and stuff or toys that just gets you charged they get excited you get excited too," Luke Jessup said.

He says it's the good news about what US soldiers are doing in Iraq that's often overlooked. Luke is part of the 108th Train Division out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

During his time overseas he lived with Iraqi troops, teaching them to defend their country. Equipping them with the knowledge that could save their lives and the lives of their countrymen is something he's proud of.

"Those folks need some help not saying were the ones who need to help them but it was good to get those people in a better situation where I was there," Jessup said.

Now that he's home for good, he can spend some time with his wife and kids, and he also has plenty of work to tend to.

"Probably got a week or so of stuff to do around the house, stuff that Jimmy didnt get around to, apparantley y'all had a lot of rain so i gotta mow i guess."

Different work than he's done for the past year, but this will be just as rewarding.

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