Gainesville clean-up continues

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GAINESVILLE -- Hundreds of homes were either damaged or completely ruined by the rising waters and today city leaders want to let everyone know that they are making progress in trying to restore as much as they can.

City manager Michael Land, along with Cooke County emergency management officials gave a progress report this afternoon detailing where the city is with regards to the clean-up efforts.

Land says most of the people affected by the storms have been able to receive some sort of help through the various organizations in the city. Officials also urge residents who are cleaning up, to remove all dry wall and carpeting left soaked by the floods due to health concerns. They also urge residents to separate their normal every day trash from the debris left by the storm.

"As soon as that declaration is made, then residents that were affected by the storm, even if they've registered with the Red Cross, they will have to register with FEMA separately from what they've done with the Red Cross," said Land.

City officials say they have collected 1.5 million pounds of debris left behind by the flash flooding.

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