Eldery Husband Kills Wife, Commit's Suicide

6-7-04 - Police in Whitesboro, Texas are trying to figure out what led to a murder-suicide involving an elderly couple last Friday, just days before their 64th anniversary. Neighbors say James and Imogene Melton were a friendly, hard-working couple who still loved one another. But sometime Friday morning, police believe James took his wife’s life and then his own.

Police are saying very little about the crime, including the causes of death, until autopsy results come back. But First News has learned that James Melton, 88, had been battling cancer for years, although his 84 year old wife was in good health.

The Melton’s son found their bodies Friday afternoon, and told First News that his father had tried to kill himself just last month, but his mother stopped James before it was too late.