Cigna welcomes workers to new facility

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DENISON -- Cigna opened the doors of its brand new building on Monday. Employees say it's like going to school for the first time all over again.

The facility is new and improved, with a brand new cafeteria and a work-out room right on site.

Company officials say it's an upgrade from their last building on Taylor Street in Sherman and the K-Mart building they left behind in Sherman.

Now company employees will share the new 140,000 square-foot building in Denison.

"Everything is brand new. We brought very little over with us. From the furniture signs in the building, the furniture we have a full state-of-the-art cafeteria serving breakfast, lunch and has take-home dinners for us. We've added everything we could possibly think of employees would want here," said Tammy Hartline of Cigna Healthcare

The new complex also has flat screen TV’s through out the facility

Officials say this should bring around 400 jobs to the area.

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