Grayson Co. extends disaster declaration indefinitely

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- More help is on the way for Grayson County residents affected by last week's floods.

Grayson County officials say with such extensive flood damage in the area, they have decided to extend the disaster declaration.

Judge Drue Bynum made the decision to declare Grayson County a disaster area early last week, but that declaration only lasted seven days.

County commissioners voted Monday to extend that indefinitely, meaning there's more time to apply for assistance.

FEMA estimates that 341 homes and 41 businesses have been damaged, and when damage to roads and bridges is added in, the total estimate comes to about
$12 million.

Judge Bynum says he's hoping for federal assistance, but that decision now lies with the President.

"We have, at this point, got what we need to get to the state and federal governments so that they can make that decision"

If the President does approve federal funding for the area, it should take FEMA up to 21 days to set up registration for Grayson County and get flood victims the assistance they need.

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