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SHERMAN -- Before the power was restored to Texoma Medical Center, patients were diverted to Wilson N. Jones hospital. Those patients were just a few of many the hospital took in this past week.

While the hospital was spared from the Sherman flood waters, they were flooded with patients who escaped rising waters and came to the hospital for shelter.

More than 100 patients from the Mission Oaks Nursing Home were evacuated to the hospital last week.

Hospital staff says they moved patients around to make room for their new guests.

The pediatric ward was converted into an area for Alzheimer’s patients, and those in for day surgery were sent home to allow for more beds for the nursing home evacuees.

The kitchen staff worked hard to provide hot meals, while the nursing home employees quickly found their patients' medications and helped them adjust to their new setting.

Janice Walker, R.N. at Wilson N. Jones Patient Care, said, "Many of them were very scared and terrified. They were all medically stable. None of them had to be seen through the ER. Many of them were oxygen dependent and needed suctioning and needed a lot of tender loving care and just to calm down and have a fresh warm meal."

Hospital employees say their staff practices disaster-mode regularly and put that practice to good use during the flood.

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