After-action report from bio-terror drill

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Carter County officials are calling last week's bio-terror simulation a success. But how did other agencies fare in the drill?

In addition to Carter County, health and emergency officials from Johnston, Jefferson, and Love Counties held an 'after-action' meeting to discuss the highlights and areas that needed work.

Carter County Health Administration director Mendy Spohn says each county was successful in being able to test how much they could handle thanks to community response.

Spohn says Love County was a prime example where health officials in Marietta were able to handle around 193 people per hour, surpassing their original expectation of 115.

But officials say communication was a common problem when equipment failed for a brief period.

During the simulation they had an internet site set up allowing officials from each county to communicate with one another.

Spohn also said that getting help to people within the community was highly successful.

"Strike team operators we had we saw over 3,000 doses put out into community. That’s within a three hour period. For the real event, we would have to see 75,000 doses go out in these pod sites within 48 hours."

Health officials are expecting an official report from the Oklahoma State Health Department on how well the situation went.

That's scheduled to come down in the next 90 days.

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