Sherman’s sirens keeping city safe

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SHERMAN -- For the past week, Texoma residents have braced for flood waters, and no one has been more prepared than the local fire departments alerting residents of the weather dangers.

First News reporter Ruth Baker spoke with Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones to find out how they work to protect residents when the water rises.

The City of Sherman has 19 warning sirens throughout the city, most of which are activated by the fire department.

We asked Chief Jeff Jones to find out what exactly those sirens mean and what to do when you hear them.

The sound Sherman residents hear in an emergency situation is a warning siren. Fire chief Jeff Jones says when you hear a warning siren, go inside and listen to your TV or radio for information.

Eighteen of the city's sirens must be activated by the fire department. One specific flood siren located off of sunset will go off automatically if water is rising in the creek nearby.

While the siren did sound during last Monday morning's floods, some residents questioned why they did not hear it.

Chief Jones says the warning sirens are meant to alert people outdoors.

"The purpose of it again is to alert the public of the situation. They need to seek shelter, get inside a safe structure, and then turn to the local TV and radio stations for additional information."

Fire officials say there the warning sirens sound the same for all emergency situations.

That's why if you hear them, you’re advised to go inside immediately and listen for emergency updates on your TV or radio.

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