Sandbagging in Calera

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CALERA, Okla. -- Calera volunteer firefighters say as soon as they left their day jobs, they went straight to work. Crews were sandbagging several homes where the water was starting to creep in.

The water rose over the road is some parts of town, especially on Ridge Crest Road in Calera. The fire department ran out of sandbags after placing them at seven homes.

Water began seeping into at least one homeowner's kitchen and dining area after the patio flooded. Crews managed to find more sandbags Tuesday night, in anticipation for more rain.

"We are sandbagging as many sandbags that we can come up with we're putting out," said Nathan Williams, a Calera city councilman. "We've done apartment buildings, residences, things like that, of course residences are our top priority."

One local company donated a truckload of sand to make more sandbags. Calera fire officials say if anyone needs some bags at their home to give them a call.

Calera Fire Department: 580-434-7000

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