The rain's effect on Lake Texoma

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Lake levels are becoming a factor when planning for Independence Day weekend, especially at Lake Texoma. The lake is expected to crest at 633 feet by July fourth, the highest since 1995. But if you were planning take your boat out for the holiday you may be out to dry.

The banks of the spillway are packed with fisherman hoping for their catch of the day. By next week the highest lake levels are expected in more than a decade, and that could mean bad news for the biggest holiday of the summer.

"I think it's going to be a disaster for the 4th of July just because of the flooding we're having right now," said David Escamilla, a striper guide.

Escamilla says he's losing his nets in the water and business in the process. Army Corps of Engineers say about 80 percent of their campgrounds could be closed next week due to flooding plus all of the Corps boat ramps except at the spillway.

"All of our marinas will have difficulty in there and all the campgrounds will be affected. We'll have several campgrounds that will be completely shutdown," said Ron Jordan, lake manager.

There’s still hope if you plan to camp. At Eisenhower State Park, the boat ramp is flooded. Park officials say the have plenty of room at their 200 campsites.

"We're having a hard time mowing the grass but other than that everything is open and will remain open as far as I know," said Roger Siems, an interpretative ranger at the park.

The crest is expected to be seven feet below the 640 foot emergency spill level, which has only been surpassed twice in Lake Texoma history. The Corps says the weather will determine how close the lake comes to that point.

Wednesday June 27, 2007 @ 11:00 am
Lake Texoma Elevation = 625.44
The crest is forecast to be 633.0 feet about the 4th of July 2007
Water temperature = 79

Power Generation schedule is 24 hours per day until further notice.

Projected releases are to increase from 11,000 today to 18,000 cfs midday on the 28th.

This is all a prediction and can be upset by significant rain fall.

The US Army Corps Spillway ramp is open at this time.

Boat ramps that are closed are:

Lakeside South and West
Juniper Point East & West
West Burns Run
Johnson Creek
Caney Creek

All Campsites are closed at:

East Burns Run
West Burns Run

Other closed sites include:

Juniper A1 – A8, B1 – B6 & C1 – C31
Buncombe Creek A1 – A10, B1 – B6 & C12 - C31
Caney Creek A15 - A24 and A30

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