Flag Controversy? Fire Chief Says 'No'

6-9-04 - Most everywhere you look this week, the American flag is flying at half-staff in remembrance of former President Ronald Reagan. But some concerned Sherman citizens have been wondering why the fire department wasn't taking part.

Wednesday morning, all five fire department buildings in Sherman were flying their flags at full staff, despite Governor Rick Perry asking departments and municipalities in Texas to fly flags at half-staff on Monday.

First News checked with Fire Chief Ralph Hendricks, who said until Wednesday afternoon, his department had not been notified of the order. He said they normally find out via fax, but didn’t know why that fax didn’t arrive until Wednesday. By 1:30pm, the department was observing the Governor’s request, and Chief Hendricks said they meant no disrespect. In fact, he says they were only trying to observe rules of flying Old Glory, by waiting on the order to lower the flag.