Wet fireworks

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- As fireworks bans have been lifted across the area, stands are fully stocked, but the rain has helped and hurt these explosive displays.

At the Mad Max fireworks stand on Highway 120, workers have the shelves stocked, ready for customers even when it rains.

"No the rain didn't stop us. We set out some platforms and kept going," said Emily Mestel, a fireworks stand employee.

The customers are taking advantage of the wet weather. Most counties have lifted burning restrictions at a time when fire departments are usually putting out grass fires or enforcing burning distance regulations.

Departments like Preston say since there are less people at the lake, and the ground is so wet, they've been less busy.

"Because we're out in the country everyone comes out here to do their fireworks so we have an increase in fires out here just for that nature. Because of the rain this year we've been real fortunate," said Allen Vols, Preston volunteer fire chief.

Vols says it's important to practice safety with fireworks, especially around clothing. Most clothing has synthetic material which is more easily flammable.

The folks at Mad Max say they're seeing repeat customers, some who even come back daily, stocking up since restrictions have been lifted. Artillery shells and dynamite are among some of the customer favorites.

As the area celebrates independence from England, and for now drought conditions, too.

It is illegal to shoot fireworks within city limits, and a person could face fines of more than $100.

Fireworks shows at Lake Texoma, and High Port Marina were canceled and rescheduled for Labor Day weekend.

The Denison fireworks show is still on. It's scheduled for 7 p.m. at Munson Stadium on July 4.

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