Spillway to flow over

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DENISON, Tex. -- Since the rain won't stop falling, Lake Texoma continues to swell to levels it hasn't reached in almost twenty years. The boat ramps are closed, now lake officials are predicting the water to rise above the spillway as many Texomans stand by to watch.

The current area attraction has become watching Lake Texoma rise and rise.

"It's an awesome sight. The force of the water, the way it, if you see that much water moving it's like, similar to seeing the floodgates open," said Allen Haun, a Denison resident.

Allen and his wife Terri and documenting the increasing elevation. Allen witnessed the spillway overflow in 1957, and in 1990. He and his wife are one of the many taking pictures of the Lake area as it floods.

"I've taken over a hundred pictures since Thursday evening, about 6 o' clock when I started taking pictures and we've been out here everyday and this is like the 2nd time today we've been out here," Terri said.

Army Corps of Engineers say their plans change daily depending on the weather forecast. Now they're planning for more rain. They're anticipating the spillway to reach 640 feet and flow over July 6th.

"If the Red River recedes downstream then we'll be able to start making releases sooner. If not, then we reach that elevation, of course there will be some uncontrolled spill and we'll just have to deal with what we can on floodgate releases," said Ron Jordan, Army Corps lake manager.

Jordan says they can't open the floodgates because areas downstream are in danger of flooding.

People like Terri will keep coming out to watch and see if the lake spills over a third time.

"Well, I have to work tomorrow afternoon so I'll probably come out here in the morning and take more pictures, and then I work Tuesday morning so I'll come out Tuesday afternoon after I get off work and take more pictures, I"m hopefully off a couple days and I'll take more," Terri said.

Authorities closed FM 1310, the road that runs through the spillway because they expect the water to run over the road soon.

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