Congressman tours flood zones

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Oklahoma congressman Tom Cole toured parts of southern Oklahoma that have been hit by the constant wet weather, trying to evaluate what’s next for the ravaged areas.

It’s easy to see why officials say rains are being blamed for draining local economy. The Texoma state park fireworks show has been cancelled in Marshall County and waters are too high on area lakes.

"Reservoirs and lakes are important to recreational part of peoples activities not just locally but it brings tourists in its going to be a serious challenge,” said congressman Cole.

Those same floodwaters have hurt Jefferson County as well. That’s why congressman Tom Cole met with Waurika city officials, the corp. of engineers and local citizens on Sunday to see the flood damage first hand.

"We got a lot of flooding problems through the lower half of the fourth district, this isn’t the only place," said Cole.

"Yeah its livable, but we have to take the boat back and forth," said city council member Chris Watkins.

City council member Chris Watkins showed congressman Cole the after effects of waters being released from near by Waurika Lake. Watkins and other officials are hoping the clouds don’t open up, as they are already doing the best they can.

"The pool is full the creeks are all full the voids are filled if we have a significant rain event it will probably rise up into my house," said Watkins.

"Were just sitting on pins and needles hoping it doesn’t rain too much and hope the lake draws down and get this water out of here," said Waurika City Manager Chuck Brown.

Congressman Cole says it’s just too early to tell how much it will take for Waurika to recover.

"It will depend on how much water we will get in the next ten days you usually let FEMA and local officials work from there," said Cole.

Army corp. of engineer officials say water is being released from Waurika Lake at 6200 cubic feet per second.

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