Lake business washing away

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Navigating through the waters as summer lake business is literally washing away. One of the most heavily flooded areas on Lake Texoma is High Port Marina. Managers have shut the marina down since most of the lake is closed.

Workers at High Port say the water has risen faster than they can remember. Just like others on the lake-they're planning for higher levels as the week goes on.

As Lake Texoma comes closer to the spillway High Port Marina is adjusting by mostly going underwater.

"Whenever I first started pulling into the marina I could see the water from a different area than you normally do just as you're driving up because you could see over the trees spots that aren't normal and it was shock and surprise because it's not something you see everyday," said David Sanders, a longtime boater.

At Pompano's restaurant the kitchen is the only building still afloat. Instead of driving through the parking lot employees and customers use jet-skis and raft boats instead.

The marina has a water-taxi to take people to their boats. Justin Heyward has manned the taxi for the past week. He has seen all kinds of debris floating. Trees, a dumpster, planks from the docks are among the few.

Familiar spots like ramps and roads become further submerged. Heyward uses a temporary dock to load and off-load customers. Every morning the in the past week he has moved the dock back because it’s underwater.

This time of year is usually lucrative for this lakeside business, but High Port employees say they'll cut their losses this year and look forward to 2008. They say they’ll remember the dramatic flooding of in the summer of 2007.

"This is kind of a new experience for me and something that will be embedded in my memory, something I'll always remember," Heyward said.

Just like every other ramp on Texoma, the launch ramp at High Port is closed as the Army Corps of Engineers expects Lake Texoma to rise at least another five feet.

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