Spillway less than four feet from overflow

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DENISON -- Authorities are forecasting the crest at Lake Texoma to come earlier than expected. The lake elevation is 636.69 feet above sea level. That's less than four feet from reaching the emergency spillway.

The elevation continues to rise at Lake Texoma. The Army Corps of Engineers predicts the lake will crest at 640 feet on Friday, July 6th, according to the latest reports.

It's definitely a site to see. Once the water goes over the spillway, it could be bad news for Texoma.

"We anticipate it will reach 640 on Friday. That's our predictions…start releasing water through the gates," says Ron Jordan with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Right now the overlook at the spillway is open, but the Army Corps of Engineers strongly suggests that you stay off the water. Debris in the water makes this a safety hazard, and if you were unable to make it out today to see the view, just check this link.

Local authorities closed FM 1310 Tuesday morning as the level continues to rise over the spillway's capacity.

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