Preparing for the worst in Tishomingo

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, Okla. -- Just about everywhere you go, there's a threat of high water. Residents in Tishomingo say they are up to their eyes, and a local creek is causing all the problems.

Water is literally feet from residents' front doors in Tishomingo. With Pennington Creek and the Washita River just on the verge of cresting, home owners are now preparing for the worst.

Pictures like these were sent in from Tishomingo resident Carla Brown. You can see the changes in just a matter of days. This area is usually filled with campers and fishermen. It’s now a tough sight for city manager Jack Yates and Tishomingo residents

City manager Jack Yates says, "So far, just stay close contact with homeowners…we do have sandbags, but at this point it’s just watch the water and take precaution before hand."

Some citizens are feet from having a lake in their front yard. In 1990, the water rose over homes.

Homeowners hope that history won’t repeat itself and cause as much damage as it did back then.

"I worry about the water coming back up. It’s about two days already and last time it did this; it came up here over the house now it’s coming up more. It’s just real scary," said Tishomingo resident Pony Smith.

Yates says the Washita River is also close to flooding the area.

"The park is a disappointment, but secondary is if it were to get into the houses, the water will go down, the grass will grow back. We can clean up debris. That’s not the bad part; it’s the human effect that’s the real shame"

Yates says all residents will be evacuated if necessary. He says right now just one house is close to flooding and its residents left voluntarily on Monday.

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