Dormitory Torn Down at Austin College

6-14-04 - Contractors began demolishing a piece of Sherman history Monday. Austin College is tearing down Luckett Hall – two years after concerns of black mold forced it to be shut down.

Built in 1908, Luckett Hall was once the oldest dormitory in use west of the Mississippi River. But the black mold proved too costly an option to treat. School officials say they would have had to remove the drywall from the building and the ceilings – a project that would have cost the college more than $6.5 million.

The dorm only housed 60 students, as opposed to newer structures that housed three times that amount and cost less to build. Demolition of Luckett Hall, located along Grand Street, will cost the school around $150,000.

But the demolition was tough for some former students to watch. Jonathan Castro of Sherman was one of the many who used to call the dorm his home away from home. Even though he understands the issues of why it needed to be torn down, it is still hard to watch.

There are no firm plans for what will take the place of the building. Demolition should be complete later this month.