Con Game Costs Senior Citizen $34,000

6-14-04 - An Ardmore woman fell victim to a high-stakes rip-off last week that cost her more than $34,000 in cash and jewelry.

The 73 year old woman says she was approached by a woman in a grocery store parking lot who claimed to have found a bag full of money and an un-cashed bond. The con artist then asked for a ride to the hospital to see her attorney. But once there, the so-called attorney had some strange advice. She told the women they could keep the money, and she wouldn’t say a word.

She also offered to cash the bond for a fee of $1,000. At that point, the elderly victim used a credit card to withdraw $900, and then allowed the ‘attorney’ to photograph her jewelry collection as collateral. But when the two women took the jewelry to photograph, they never came back.

Police say due to the intricacy of the plot and how well it was planned out, they believe two thieves were professionals. They’re warning the public that these scams increase in the summer months, and to be on the lookout.