Cardinal Cove flooded with support

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- After two weeks of rain, floodwaters and debris are becoming a common sight across Texoma. Now Cardinal Cove residents in Marshall County are fighting back the water and being flooded with support.

Imagine water standing three feet in your home. Residents of Cardinal Cove know that feeling all too well. Now they're doing all they can to keep it from happening again.

Homeowners and volunteers have spent the last two days filling sandbags and building dikes to keep floodwaters from taking over their homes.

Church groups, the Baptist village, and people from as far away as east Texas have teamed up using their own equipment and time to help residents out.

Water is creeping up on their land and will soon cover many of their front yards.

Residents say they're surprised but grateful for all the support they have received.

Marshall County Emergency Management and other county agencies have been on scene all day Tuesday making sure the residents are prepared when the water eventually rises.

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