Shutting the door on tourism

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- On Lake Texoma, it seems it’s not just the high water that's hitting tourism.

Owners of least two Lake Texoma businesses say they're fed up with the Oklahoma Tourism Department, and they're trying to find away to pay their bills.

Some say business just hasn’t been the same after the Texoma Lodge shut down back in December.

Now local business owners are looking for a way to get out of their lease, but the Oklahoma Tourism Department is telling them to tough it out.

Kenny Phipps has owned the Texoma Riding Stables for five years. Now that the texoma lodge is in the process of being renovated by Point Vista, he says he’s losing money hand over fist, recording profits of $2,000 in one weekend last year while this year he’s only brought in around $500. Phipps is just asking the tourism department for help.

The Oklahoma Tourism Department says they're doing what they can for Phipps and Janey Davidson, owner of the Texoma Fun Park. But they never expected to have this much of a problem with the parks.

The tourism department is making sure everyone knows just how important it is to keep businesses like these open for lakes and parks. They will continue to look into other options to make all parties happy.

The Oklahoma Tourism Department has a firm contract with point vista. Officials say they have several guidelines to have improvements made within two years.

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