Documenting history at the spillway

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DENISON, Tex. -- Since the boat ramps are closed all over Lake Texoma, people are finding another form of amusement this week, watching the water inch closer to the spillway.

Cars wait to enter the overlook, as people taking pictures are as common as the rising waters.

Anita Johnson brought her 2-month-old daughter, Amanda, to the spillway in 1990 and took her picture with the flowing water. Now Amanda has a 3-month-old of her own, Bayleigh, and plans for all three generations to see the lake when it flows over the spillway.

Many of the people who are coming out this week were also here for the flooding in 1990 and remember the heavy traffic back then and are preparing for the worst.

Anita Johnson witnessed the 1990 flooding. She describes the experience as “total chaos.”

“I think we waited about four hours for it to go over to dam to watch it spill over," Johnson said.

Authorities closed FM 1310 on Sunday. On Tuesday, the water started to run over the road near the submerged boat ramp.

TXDOT has set up barricades along the side of Highway 91 before the Denison Dam. Lake managers say they won't recommend closing 91 unless Shawnee Creek floods the road.

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