Spillway watch continues

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DENISON -- Lake Texoma is at 639.85 feet as of 7 p.m. Friday. That’s just a few inches short of going over 640' into the emergency spillway at the Denison Dam.

The water is lapping up against the spillway, close to flowing over, but what's happening here is just one part of the dam workings.

The Army Corps of Engineers opened the flood gates on Wednesday, which is one reason why the spillway hasn't flowed over.

Before Wednesday, the floodgates were closed because the Red River downstream couldn't handle any more water.

But even with the flood gates open, the water is still creeping onto that spillway within inches of flowing over.

Whenever the water does go over, it most likely won't be as dramatic as 1990 since the crest is set for 641.5 feet. In 1990, it was 645 feet.

"The pool elevation is about a quarter of a foot going over the spillway. We’ve increased the floodgates to about 28,500 cubit feet per second. We will monitor downstream conditions and adjust that down as the conditions warrant," said lake manager Ron Jordan.

We recommend kicking back and watching what’s going on at the spillway live right here on KXII.com. On our homepage, just click the live stream banner for a real-time look at what’s going on at the spillway.

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