Fireworks on at Lake Murray

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LAKE MURRAY, Okla. -- The wet weather may have forced park goers at Lake Murray to detour from their original destinations, but they say it won't keep them from enjoying this Fourth of July’s fireworks show.

It’s been raining off and on at Lake Murray this Fourth of July, and even though some changes have been made to where you can watch the fireworks show, people are still showing up by the car load to celebrate the fourth with a bang.

Park rangers have closed off several areas of Lake Murray including the usual area on the R.C. Flying Fields.

So now it’s up to you to find a good spot, but officials tell us they plan on setting off the fireworks tonight even with the damp ground.

Fireworks watchers are coming out in droves for the Independence Day celebration, including the Ardmore Boy Scouts.

They showed up around 1:30 to start setting up to receive donations during the fireworks show.

Boy Scout leader Steve Thompson says that even though rain may dampen the festivities, it won’t dampen the Fourth of July spirit.

Things are supposed to pop off around 9:30 tonight. Of course, everyone is hoping the rain will quit long enough to enjoy the show, and if it does rain they will just push the show back until it stops.

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