Spillway serving its purpose

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As the water comes closer to flowing over the emergency spill, it serves as a reminder of what the dam is designed to do. The Denison Dam collects water from hundreds of miles away.

Areas like Wichita Falls, Duncan, Oklahoma, Waurika Lake, and other spots upstream along the Red River flow into Lake Texoma, according to Cindy Buchanan, with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Crews completed the Denison Dam in 1943, creating the 36,000 acre lake to control severe flooding along the Red River. The spillway flowed over two years later, then again in 1957 and 1990, according to the National Weather Service.

Wednesdays families spent their Independence Days waiting for history unfold again.

"The first time I was out here with my dad in 1957 when it was going over," said Jim White, a Denison resident. White came to the spillway overlook with his children and grandchildren to check the water's progress.

Tracy Cathcart was peeking over the overlook fence with her two children.

"I saw it in 1990 go over and I just brought them out to they could see it," Cathcart said.

While most spectators come to the overlook to catch a snapshot of the water, some are going even closer, wading through the waters covering FM 1310.

"The lake hasn't reached its full level yet, so there's still water flowing in, plus there's a lot of dangerous debris in the water," Buchanan said.

As the water continues to edge closer and closer to making history a fourth time.

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