New Landfill Problem - Noise Pollution?

6-15-04 - Neighbors of a future north Texas landfill say they’re losing the peace and quiet of the country life, despite promises made when it moved into the area. The Texoma Area Solid Waste Authority is building the landfill near highways 56 and 901, just east of Whitesboro.

One neighbor says the giant earth moving machines are working past dark and even on weekends. First News spoke with those construction crews, who say they’re only making up for lost time during recent rains, and aren’t working past 9pm. The crews are digging a 30 acre hole that is 50 feet deep – a project that will take 90 days to complete.

The landfill will serve cities in Grayson and Cooke counties, but has faced vocal opposition for the past several years. Neighbors have been the most critical, saying the landfill will destroy property values and ruin the clean air of the countryside.

But TASWA officials say they own 940 acres, and 2/3rds of that will be dedicated to trees and open land, which will serve as a barrier from the public.