Highest Jackpot Ever Up For Grabs

06-16-04 - (Undated-AP) By tonight, Texas could have some new millionaires. The highest Lotto Texas jackpot ever will be up for grabs when the twice-weekly lottery game offers a record $120 million.

James Ater of Arlington has a piece of advice for anyone who wins. Ater told The Associated Press says you should hire a lawyer, and then start interviewing financial advisers. Ater was among six people who won a $36 million jackpot on the day after Christmas 2001.

Certified financial planner Colleen O'Donnell of Dallas says if you win, take a deep breath, then don't tell anyone you won. Financial planner David Doll of Houston says the winner should take a picture while holding the ticket, photocopy it front and back and then put it away for safekeeping.